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At the Community Foundation, we honor and support your family’s traditions in giving. We can provide the resources and expertise necessary to assist your family in embracing a giving plan that reflects your values and maximizes tax benefits.

More and more families are looking for ways to embrace philanthropy and involve their children and extended family members. Our staff are 21/64 Certified Advisors, which means they are specially trained to facilitate multigenerational conversations about philanthropy and legacy planning. We have worked with local families to involve future generations in each family’s philanthropic heritage.  Each family is unique and we customize our services to build a path to achieve the family’s goals.

To create strong Family Philanthropy, we can provide your family with:

Learning: What does philanthropy mean to your family?
It’s much more than a monetary gift. Philanthropy is about active pursuit of positive change, and our philanthropic advising team can help determine exactly what that means to you.

Direction: Where do you want to focus your efforts?
By discussing your interests, passions, and concerns, we can help you formalize a statement of philanthropic intent.

Planning: Who will join you in these efforts?
Defining legacy is an important part of creating it. We can facilitate family philanthropy meetings to plan the transfer of funds to the next generation.

Mentoring: How do philanthropists make decisions?
Our Program Officers can guide you through a simulation of grant application review, scoring and selection. Having a framework in place can make the process easier for you.


Assessment: When will you see results?
All of your grants are followed up by a report that helps you measure your impact. You can view stories, photos, and data that show the impact of your gifts.

We can meet with your family to facilitate discussions and design a program that fits your philanthropic philosophy, values and goals. We can also revisit your giving plan with your family through the years as your family evolves. Through our resources and expertise, we can help you establish a legacy of giving.

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